scoops for concession equipment

Scoops - For Every Funfood Need

A. #2071 Stamped Aluminum Scoop
B. #2084 Left Hand Perforated Aluminum Jet Scoop
C. #2073 Right Hand Aluminum Jet Scoop
D. #2072 Perforated Stainless Steel Jet Scoop
E. #2105 Large Perforated Jet Scoop, Right Hand
F. #2106 Large Perforated Jet Scoop, Left Hand
G. #2108 Jumbo Perforated Jet Scoop, Right Hand
H. #2108 Jumbo Perforated Jet Scoop, Left Hand
I. #2076 Large Plastic All Purpose / Ice Scoop
J. #2078 Small Cast Aluminum Scoop
K. #2074 Large Cast Aluminum Scoop
L. #2103 Transfer Scoop
M. #3027 Flosskoop
N. #2071NM All Purpose Scoop

Impulse Heat Sealer

#2089 Impulse Heat Sealer

Great for sealing almost any type of bag - Cello, Poly, and other types.

cotton candy floss tree

#3211 Floor Model Floss Tree

Watch profits skyrocket when you create colorful displays using this Floss Tree. Holds about 64 filled bags of cotton candy.

cotton candy bagger

#3044 Automatic Floss Bagger

The floss bag blower is a necessity in busy locations. The blower shoots air along the front lip of the bags on the header. By the time your next serving of cotton candy is ready, the bag is open and waiting. Floss Bags sold separately.


#6050 U-Tote-It

Safely protect your 6 oz. Gold Medal popper as it travels. Easy to open, easy to remove, the U-Tote-It also doubles as a portable stand to hold you popper securely. Built-it wheels for easy transportation.



#1023 MaximIcer

Create continuous shaved ice profits with the MaximIcer. Holds up to 20 lbs. of cracked ice or cubes. MaximIcer and Shaved Ice Machine sold separately.


#1008 Foot Switch

Make shaved ice profits a little easier with a foot switch. Plug a shaved ice machine into the foot switch outlet and plug the foot switch cord into the power supply.


#5317 Heavy Duty Juice Extractor

Create fresh squeezed juices and Lemon Shake-Ups with reduced operator fatigue. It's easy with this heavy-duty unit.


#5030 Condiment Stand

This high capacity condiment stand features two deep well containers, each with a capacity of over one galloon. In the center are three inset pans with a covering lid. Heavy-duty construction.

Deluxe Apple Hacker

#4185 Deluxe Apple Hacker

Double action leverage allows you to section apples quickly while making the job easy. Cast aluminum with stainless steel moving parts.

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