Baker Supplies


Vanilla Waf-A-Kone

#8212 Vanilla Waf-A-Kone Mix

Make the World's Finest Waffle Cones with this Mix! Just add water and whisk for a smooth, fast cooking Waf-A-Kone.

Bel-Varian Waffle Mix

#5017 "One Step" Belvarian Belgian Waffle Mix

The world's most popular Belgian waffle mix. Just add water - the eggs are already in the mix. The deluxe taste creates a "come back for more" attitude.


Old Fashioned Belgian Waffle Cone

#5018 "Old Fashioned" Belgian Waffle Mix

Produces a great tasting waffle at an economical cost. Just add water.


Chocolate Dip Coating

#5519 Chocolate Dip Coating

Specially compounded to work with a slightly warmed waffle. Adheres in a relatively thin coating. No refrigeration needed.


Seas n Kleen

#5524 Seas'n Kleen

This specially formulated spray keeps grids clean and prevents sticking. Regular use should prevent carbon buildup.

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