Candy and Caramel Apple Supplies


caramel apple dip

#4224 Midway's Finest Caramel Apple Dip

The most consistent, super quality Caramel Apple Dip available! Quality checked during each batch to make sure it is perfect. Sticks to the apples, never gets grainy, easy to work with and a wonderful taste - the standard of the industry.

caramel dip block

#4120 Mom's Home Style Caramel Apple Dip Block

An absolutely fantastic Caramel Apple Dip. Soften in a microwave slightly and then melt in a Caramel Dip Warmer.


caramel apple dip

#4225 Quick Serve World's Greatest Caramel

Perfect for Caramel Apple Chips or Ice Cream. People love the taste of this gourmet caramel topping.


reddy apple mix

#4146 Reddy Apple Mix

Portion pak is the way to go! Ready to use. Just add water.



#4144 Cherry Appl-EZ

Anyone can make a good tasting candy apple with Appl-EZ. It's easy to use! Just add sugar and water - cook and you are ready to dip. No messy glucose to measure. Other flavors available: #4142 Grape Appl-EZ and #4143 Blue Raspberry Appl-EZ.

granulated peanuts

#4128 Granulated Peanuts

Caramel and Candy Apples, Fudge Puppies and Caramel Apple Chips take on a higher perceived value when you add a spoonful of peanuts. Increase your profits with value-added treats!

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