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concession equipment cleaner

#2580 Watchdog Concession Equipment Cleaner (aerosol)

Removes cooking oils, grease, starch, sugar and protein residues and the oxidation odors they produce. Safe on most surface.


#2588CN Watchdog Heavy Duty Glass Cleaner

Does not contain ammonia, the cause of spider cracks in plastic. Safe on painted surfaces, plastic and other component parts.


#2095 Heat'N Kleen

The easiest and safest kettle cleaner. Dissolve in kettle with water. Wipes out easily.


Watchdog Concession Equipment Cleaners
Specifically designed for use in the Concession and Foodservice Industries.



#2583 Watchdog Pot, Pan & Utensil Detergent

Strong enough for the toughest pot and pan cleaning as well as safe for washing the finest glass and dishware.



#2582 Watchdog Ready To Use Glass Cleaner

A must for glass surfaces exposed to grease and oils. Cuts through the toughest build-up leaving a streak-free shine.



#2581 Watchdog Cleaner & Degreaser with Citrus

Effectively cleans and emulsifies the toughest dirt, grease and oil from tile and concrete floors, walkways, interior and exterior walls and most hard, non-porous surfaces. Great for cleaning exterior truck and trailer surfaces as well.


#2578 Epi San Hand Sanitizer Gel

A waterless hand sanitizer - an absolute must for concession stand personnel.

   #2578D Dispenser for Epi San
   #2579 Anti-Backterial Hand Soap

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