Cotton Candy Supplies


Gold Medal Flossugar is made from a special sugar – not too fine and not too coarse. Colors are "vividized" for bright sales-making colors.

#3201 Boo-Blue (Blue Raspberry)
#3202 Silly Nilly (Pink Vanilla)
#3203 Spookie Fruit (Purple Grape)
#3204 Leapin’ Lime
#3205 O-Jay (Orange)
#3206 Jolly Berry (Strawberry)

#3207 Cherry Berry
#3209 Pina Colada (Yellow)
#3208 Bubble Gum
#3212 Wacky Watermelon
#3218 Banana Bonanza (Bright Yellow)
#3220 Sassy Apple (Green Apple)


Candee Fluff
Candee Fluff is the latest innovation in the Cotton Candy world. Candee Fluff Cotton Candy Containers keep product fresh for weeks! This allows you to make product ahead of time to prepare for busy crowds and store labor. The containers have a tightly fitting lid to keep air out. The clear container and attractive graphics make Candee Fluff a perfect merchandiser for top sales.



#3020 Candee Fluff Containers

1/2 oz. (14g) net wt.


#3018 Candee Fluff Containers

1 oz. (28 g) net wt.


#3022 Candee Fluff Merchandiser

Great for displaying 24 Candee Fluff Containers (#3020).

Contact us today to learn about the complete Candee Fluff Concept!

#3039 Candee Fluff Merchandiser

This three-tiered merchandiser creates a tempting display! Holds both sizes of Candee Fluff Containers.

cotton candy

Floss Cones

We pioneered the Cotton Candy Cone over 35 years ago and we continue the tradition today. Gold Medal Floss Cones are the strongest available. Made from tough Southern Kraft paper, each cone is triple wrapped to ensure strength.

#3011 Clown Print Floss Cones
#3011ST Striped Floss Cones
#3021 Plain Cotton Candy Cones


Cotton Candy Bags

cotton candy bags

#3065 Clown Print Quick Pack Floss Bags

12" x 18"

cotton candy bags


#3064 Plain Quick Pack Floss Bags

12" x 18"

cotton candy bags

#3063 Super Jumbo Floss Bags

11" x 26"

#3069 Ferris Wheel Print Floss Bags

8" x 18"

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