Nacho Supplies


#5277 El Nacho Grande Portion Pak Cheese

You asked for it - schools demand it. Portion Pak Cheese Sauce with no MSG! You always expect better quality from Gold Medal and you get it with this product. The packaging is designed to be pre-warmed in any of the units shown on the Portion Pak Warmer/Merchandisers page.

#5265 Portion Pak Nacho Chips

Portion Pak Chips open up a gold mine of opportunity for the individual sales in every type of concession stand. Always fresh, always delicious.


#5256 Round Nacho Chips

El Nacho Grande Nacho Chips are the greatest tasting Nacho Chips around. When you use these quality chips, you'll see repeat sales that will really make a difference in your nacho profits!



#5268 Concession Pak Salsa

Portion Pak makes serving salsa simple, inexpensive and profitable. The great taste will keep patrons coming back for more! Fat Free.


#5269 La Salsa Ria Salsa

This medium salsa is a premium product that helps create plus business in most concession stands! Loaded with vegetables - all natural - no fillers. This is the richest salsa you've ever eaten. Fat Free.

#5264 Portion Pak Nacho Cheese

A great cheese flavor! You'll increase your profits with Portion Pak - it reduces waste and is easy to use.


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