Popcorn Carts, Wagons and Bases


Popcorn Cart

#2659 Carts - Have It Your Way

We have a variety of popcorn popper/cart combinations to fit your need. Whether you are looking for concession equipment with school spirit or want to match the décor of a room, we have the color combination you desire.

#2659 Carts are available in the following colors with the "Popcorn" graphic or plain:

  • Red
  • Hunter Green
  • Navy Blue
  • Orange
  • White
  • Silver Vane (plain only)
  • Stainless Steel (plain only)

*see the Small Popcorn section for the popper choices available. All popcorn poppers sold separately.

Popcorn cart

#2015 Cart

Shown here with the #2131 Gay 90’s Pinto Pop. Popcorn Popper and 8" spacer sold separately.

Popcorn Cart

#2012 Wagon with #2119 Antique Citation and #2144 Awning

This profit powerhouse is created to maximize popcorn sales in shopping malls, busy building lobbies, and other locations. Take the popcorn to the people!
All items sold separately.

Popcorn Cart

#2129 Wagon with #2014 Gay 90’s Whiz Bang and #2444 Awning

For special events or supplemental locations, this setup is perfect.

This all in one unit really attracts attention in stand-alone locations.
All items sold separately.

Popcorn Cart

#3118PC Cart

Shown here with #2119 Antique Citation (sold separately).

Popcorn Cart

#2120 Base

Shown here with the #2119 Antique Citation (sold separately

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