Ice Cream Equipment and Supplies


#1951P Single Flavor Pressurized Soft Serve Freezer

Dispenses a single flavor of your favorite ice cream or yogurt. The compact design allows this unit to easily fit on your counter. Simple and efficient operation.


#1952P Double Flavor Twist Pressurized Soft Serve Freezer

This state of the art freezer allows high production for two individual flavors of ice cream or yogurt and a combination twist. Designed for flexibility when changing products. Floor model unit.


#1950 Batch Freezer

Create traditional hard ice cream, sorbets and more with this compact Batch Freezer. Heavy-duty drive system results in firmer product and a longer life. Counter unit.


#1955 Freezer Display Cabinet

Maximizes sales of hand-dipped frozen desserts with this display cabinet. Top loading. Frozen storage for four additional three-gallon cans.


Frosty Freeze Soft Serve Mix

A very smooth, powdered mix, perfect for soft serve ice cream or shakes. Non-dairy.

   #1217 Frosty Freeze® Vanilla Soft Serve
   #1218 Frosty Freeze® Chocolate Soft Serve

YoSoGood™ Yogurt Mix

The name says it all! This low-fat dry yogurt mix produces a rich and creamy finished product. Simple and inexpensive to use.

   #1222 Vanilla YoSoGood™ Soft Serve
   #1221 Chocolate YoSoGood™ Soft Serve


Italian Ice Mix

These Fruit Freezes are easy to make in a Soft Serve Machine or Frusheez Frozen Drink machine. Great twisted with soft serve Vanilla for a value-added treat.

   #1183 Pineapple
   #1184 Lime
   #1185 Strawberry
   #1186 Watermelon
   #1187 Lemon
   #1188 Orange
   #1189 Pina Colada

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