Slush and Smoothies




#1114 Twin Bowl Frusheez™ Drink Freezer

Our most popular Frusheez™ Machine is the twin bowl. The action and color of the frozen drinks in the clear hoppers attract sales. Available with Auto Fill hardware. Capacity = 3.7 gallons/hopper.


#1115 Triple Bowl Frusheez™ Drink Freezer

Increase your sales by offering additional flavors. The triple bowl drink freezer is perfect for high traffic locations. High Output. Capacity = 3.7 gallons/hopper.

Frusheez™ Mixes

Create the best frozen drinks with the best mix - Frusheez Frozen Drink Mixes. These concentrated flavors are easy to use and taste great. Available in 1/2 gallons or Bag-In-A-Box
    #1240 Lemon
    #1241 Cherry
    #1241BIB Cherry
    #1242 Blue Raspberry
    #1242BIB Blue Raspberry
    #1243 Grape
    #1244 Fruit Punch
    #1245 Orange
    #1246 Margarita
(can be used with or without alcohol)
    #1246BIB Margarita
(can be used with or without alcohol)
    #1247 Strawberry Daiquiri
(can be used with or without alcohol)
    #1247BIB Strawberry Daiquiri
(can be used with or without alcohol)
    #1248 Pina Colada
(can be used with or without alcohol)


Frusheez™ Printed Cups

Increase your drink sales with these attractive printed cups. Available in two sizes.
 #1214 14 oz. Frusheez™ Plastic Cup
 #1219 20 oz. Frusheez™ Plastic Cup

#1220 Smoothie'O Blender

Heavy-duty. Create flavorful Smoothies with this one horsepower blender. Contact us for more information of the complete Smoothie'O product line including mixes and point-of-purchase materials.



Banana River Farms

Banana River Farms Smoothies

Banana River Farms is the best new name in frozen concession drinks! The fruity flavor is sure to bring repeat sales. Can be easily made in any Frusheez™ Frozen Drink Machine.

   #1250BR Nana Raz (Banana Raspberry Flavor)
   #1251BR Nana
Berry (Banana Strawberry Flavor)
Banana River Farms 16 oz. Logo Cups

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