Electric Fryers


#8049D FW-9 Fryer

This unit is perfect for getting started with funnel cakes in a small location. Capacity = 3 - 6" Funnel Cakes.



#8050D FW-12 Fryer

The industry standard for large Funnel Cake and Elephant Ear fryers. Capacity = 4 - 8" Funnel Cakes.


#8066 Hot Shot Hi-Watt Shallow Fryer

An additional 1000 Watts in this shallow fryer allows you to pour almost continuously. And that means more profits! Capacity = 4 - 8" Funnel Cakes.


#8075 K-6 Shallow Fryer

This high capacity fryer will easily hold six funnel cakes at a time for continuous "pour and cook" in a single unit. Capacity = 6 - 8" Funnel Cakes.


#8088 Super King "Ultimate" Funnel Cake Fryer

You asked for it- a fryer that can do 8 Funnel Cakes at a time on a continuous cook and pour basis! Capacity = 8 - 8" Funnel Cakes.


#8048D Small Fryer

The original and most popular purpose for this small fryer is Corn Dogs. Many people have used the small fryer to expand into other specialty foods such as Cheese Dogs, Shrimp Rolls or Fried Veggies. Skewer Clip assembly is spring-loaded and can be removed quickly. Holds 6 Corn Dogs per side only.

#8068 King Dog Electric Corn Dog Fryer

The fastest Corn Dog Fryer on the midway! The #8068 can handle any Corn Dog up to 8-1/2" long. For Foot Long Corn Dogs, ask us about the #8068FL 12" Foot Long King Dog Fryer.



#9005 Hollow Churro Extruder

Creating filled Churros is easy with the #9005 extruder. Use it to create a hollow center in your Churros. Then, fry the Churros and after cooling, fill the center with your favorite filling. Churro Batter is available - ask us about it today.



#5280M Fry Cutter

One of the hottest fried funfoods on the Midway are the Ribbon and Spiral Fries! The #5280M is simple to use. Simply place a potato on the drive plate, turn the motor "ON", advance the motor box, and watch on continuous ribbon of profits appear! Try Fried Apples, too!


Note: Separate powerheads for electric fryers are available. Contact us to learn more


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