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#5100 Deluxe Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cake Mix

This Original Recipe Mix has become the favorite Funnel Cake of the professional operator for many reasons - Convenience, Lower grease absorption, more Funnel Cakes per hour, and the Best Flavor on the Midway! Try it today!


#5115 "Old Fashioned" Funnel Cake Mix

Step up to our "Old Fashioned" Funnel Cake Mix. The special formula helps product sear quickly and reduce oil absorption. The right ingredients are the key to reducing oil absorption and increasing your profits.

World's Greatest Toppings

A few pennies worth of topping gets an extra 50 cents per funnel cake. You'll find these toppings truly are the World's Greatest.
#5137 Apple
#5138 Cherry
#5140 Strawberry
#5145 Pineapple
#5146 Hot Fudge

#5111 8" (20 cm) Funnel Cake Platter

This heavy, molded Funnel Cake Platter is the optimal way to serve your Funnel Cakes. Sturdy construction. "Funnel Cake" printed boarder.



Corn Dog Mix

#5116 Dipsy Dog Corn Dog Mix

Dipsy Dog is convenient. The taste is perfect for Corn Dogs and other fun foods with a sweet battered coating. Most importantly, it adheres well to the hot dog or other food once it is dipped and put into hot cooking oil.

#5117 Pronto Pup

A little less sweet than the #5116 Dipsy Dog. Packed in 50 lb. bags.

#5095 Liquid Heavy Duty Frying Oil

35 lb. net weight.


#4156 10" (25 cm) Double Dog Stick

Perfect for Corn Dogs and other fun foods on a stick. 1,000 per case.

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