Large Cotton Candy Machines



#3015A X-15 Stainless Steel Whirlwind

The standard in the Candy Floss Industry for over 50 years! Today, the electronic controls make this cotton candy machine even more dependable. One-third horsepower sealed ball bearing motor. Spun aluminum floss bowl and Whirlgrip included.


#3008E Deluxe Whirlwind with Electronic Controls

An electronic solid-state switch manages the power on this cotton candy machine as with the #3005E.

#3002 Accu Floss

The Accu Floss eliminates the most common cause of cotton candy machine problems - operator error. There is no variable heat control, everything is preordained.


#3033 Super Breeze

This cotton candy machine is loaded with top performing features - Permanent floss head, Electronic heat control, Triple wrapped tubular heat element, dynamic balancing, Whirlwind cabinet. You'll love the performance!


#3005E Tornado with Electronic Controls

The variable electronic controls on the #3005E cotton candy maker allow you to boost or buck the voltage to the spinner head.

#3038 Super Floss

The world's first 8" diameter floss head! Ideal for high traffic locations or pre-packaging operations. Features a permanent floss head. Eliminates

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